Mission Statement

Education for Liberia is a non-profit organization that serves a purpose in building awareness of the importance of a substantial educational structure in the country of Liberia through scholarship opportunity and empowerment programs.

EFL mission is to provide scholarship opportunity to students whose family cannot afford to support their education, while still providing resources to those who are currently enrolled in school. Our mission is to empower and teach students how to be productive and how to contribute to the improvement of their society.

3 Major Steps of our Mission Statement:

1)    Find students:

  1. As part of our goal of providing educational support to students, we must first find students who are willing and ready to learn, as we would not want our efforts to be in vain. We plan to search several communities in hopes of finding a school that has the same educational values as our organization.

i.     They must stress the importance of education: that education is the foundation of a successful society, and must be willing to go above and beyond, in efforts to provide this structure for their students. We will then choose to adopt this school.

2)    Enroll Students:

  1. We want to provide help to students who are already attending this school regularly, but we will also assist in the enrollment of new students into school by providing them with scholarships. These scholarships will be rewarded to students who otherwise could not afford to get this education in their community. The students will be selected based on criteria of financial need and their own personal thirst for knowledge. We want to provide for students who WANT to be supported. These scholarships will help to pay off any school fees needed to keep these students engaged and focused on their priorities in the classroom.

i.     While the students are enrolled, and tuition is being paid, we will also host many book drives here in the United States to collect vital school supplies for the students: those who are a part of our scholarship program, as well as those who are not. We will keep an open line of communication with the students, so that we can update information of their progress. We will also require that the school and teachers send semester updates on the achievements of these students, so that the organization, our sponsors, and supporters can have an account of where these funds are being used.

3)    Community Involvement:

  1. “Education for Liberia” would like to stress the importance of community engagement as part of the students’ contracts. We will require that the older students have a set number of community service hours that they must complete in order to maintain their scholarships. This duty of service can be fulfilled by helping out in different ways in their community. We want to teach these students the importance of a close community. Education goes beyond the classroom and academic success; it is also leadership and service. This experiential learning is the out-of-class lessons that will prepare them for the real world after graduation.

We want to teach them leadership, self-dependency, and overall, empower them to improve their own communities.

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